Armac appoints Mark Stacey as CXO

Armac appoints CXO, underlining our commitment to Customer Success

Armac Systems is delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Stacey as Chief Experience Officer (CXO), dedicated to ensuring our customers realise the full benefits of their Armac Inventory Optimization solution for their Aircraft Maintenance Operations.

Throughout his 20+ years as CTO in Armac, Mark has developed a wealth of aviation centered inventory management experience and expertise, working with all of our customers to understand the data structures in their MRO IT Systems and their specific maintenance inventory requirements and challenges.  Mark has been instrumental in tailoring the implementation of our RIOsys software system to address their identified needs.

Mark will transfer his more general IT management responsibilities to a newly appointed CTO, in order to focus exclusively on ensuring customer success with every implementation of our RIOsys software and supporting inventory optimization processes. This involves working even more closely with our customers, from the early stages of engagement right through and beyond first implementation, to ensure full adoption of RIOsys to continually deliver and exceed the value our customers expect. Gaining deeper insights and understanding of each customers’ maintenance operations challenges over time is another key focus of the CXO, in order to best advise and support customers to adopt, configure and customise their RIOsys implementation and associated inventory management processes to respond to their ever evolving business plans.

In making this announcement, Micheal Armstrong, CEO stated

“this appointment of a dedicated CXO demonstrates the strength of our commitment to customer success for both existing and new Armac customers, and underpins our promise to deliver a real and positive return on investment to their MRO operations.”