Micheal Armstrong Armac Systems

In the early 2000s, FLS Aerospace (subsequently acquired by SR Technics) were looking at a significant investment in new generation aircraft components to support their pooling business. Previously, they had experienced problems with investment in inventory, with materials being underutilized, or in some cases, not utilized at all. FLS were seasoned experts, with many years’ experience in component management and fully understood the challenges.  They recognized that standard ERPs and spreadsheets were not designed for aircraft inventory planning.

At that time Micheál Armstrong was Project Manager on a research project at the National University of Ireland (UCD); Working with a number of Irish aerospace companies (including FLS), they were looking at the maturity of IT systems in supporting the aerospace maintenance supply chain.  Micheál, an Engineering graduate of Trinity College Dublin, had worked in the aerospace sector for over 10 years and understood the business processes.  He had led ERP implementations and recognized the gaps that standard IT systems had in supporting aerospace processes.  He was frustrated with the sub-optimal, often disruptive, workarounds that organizations had to put in place to address these gaps.  In particular, there were opportunities to improve systems capability and deliver sizable value in many aspects of materials management.  Micheál’s mission and motivation was to help the aviation industry eliminate this massive unnecessary waste. There was an immediate alignment and meeting of minds between Micheál, the CFO and the Supply Chain Management team.  Applying combined know-how and the latest technology, they conceptualized an intelligent solution that would support analytical decision-making and optimization of aircraft inventory planning.



Armac Systems is at the forefront of new-generation, intelligent MRO inventory planning systems and solutions. With a strong focus on supporting airlines and MRO providers, we have saved millions for aviation organizations. Our solution has been developed in collaboration with Academic Institutions and industry leaders’ leveraging scientific research and the latest advances in big data business intelligent techniques. Armac Systems is part of the SR Technics Group.

SR Technics is one of the world’s leading independent providers of technical services for the civil aviation sector. The SR Technics Group offers its customer airlines comprehensive and totally-tailored solutions for the technical support and management of their aircraft fleets, engines and components. This is coupled with extensive engineering know-how, 24/7 worldwide component availability, broad technical training offerings, and VIP completion services. With its head office at Zurich Airport, SR Technics provides its services to about 500 airline customers through an extensive network of international operations and sales offices in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.