Bridging the Inventory Planning Gap

Typically, in MRO and airline inventory planning, the response to this gap is to develop manual workarounds, which usually give less than optimal results. People work outside the ERP using spreadsheets, tribal and tacit knowledge, and their best subjective judgement, unsupported by any analytical system

The Inventory Planning Gap

Inventory management for airline and MRO differs from standard manufacturing techniques and is much more complex. We are repairing and keeping serviceable highly engineered, mission-critical assets, as opposed to manufacturing from raw materials and distributing.

Optimizing Component Availability Sourcing post COVID-19

Today aircraft are being prematurely retired because of a market shock that is reshaping the industry. The airline industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many airlines do not expect a return to pre-COVID operation levels for many years.  As a direct consequence there are excess aircraft in the market place which […]

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