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Aviation Spare Parts Planning – 5 KPI’s for the Airline C-Level Executives

In the first of our series on Opening the Black Box on Aviation Spare Parts Planning we look at 5 key KPIs that every airline should track. Airlines have traditionally relied on expert Inventory Planners to drive their investment decisions in spare parts for maintenance engineering.  However, a ‘just-in-case’ engineering mindset coupled with emotional buying behaviour driven […]

Armac Systems Forecasting Aviation Spare Parts 1

Forecasting for Aviation Spares Inventory – Part 1

Forecasting Aviation Spare Parts Inventory

Forecasting for Aviation Spares Inventory – Part 2

Our objective is to provision against forecast uncertainty to deliver a level of service. We are spending to mitigate uncertainty, in an economically efficient manner. Obviously, it does not make economic sense to make these risk-mitigating decisions on a part by part basis in isolation. This myopic approach opens the door to inefficiency and waste.

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